Beautiful Dartington Hall, Devon Candid Wedding Videography

Stephanie and Rob were the first couple to book me that I didn't already know. My first enquiry as a professional wedding videographer. I remember the drive over to their house one evening after my day job, I couldn't decide if I was nervous or excited. All sorts of questions going through my head; What will they want from me? What if they don't like me? How much do I charge? But it was fine. They were lovely and we just hit it off. I knew within the first 10 seconds that we would get a long and soon Stephanie and I were talking all things wedding and getting excited about the day. I think it's fair to say, and I don't think he'll disagree, but Rob seemed a bit apprehensive at the tho

Stunning Devon Farm Wedding Videography

If I say donkey and giant balloons, what do you think of? The films Up and Shrek? Well I think of Natalie and her East Soar Farm wedding. It was Natalie's idea to take her giant balloons for a walk and visit the donkies and I'm so pleased she did because I captured my favourite footage to date. Natalie so obviously has a lust for life and a love of animals, even going in for a kiss with this one! I intentionally shot weddings in a candid and un-staged way to capture people at their most natural. Real emotion is like gold-dust to a videographer, it speaks for itself. I don't need to use fancy editing tricks when two people are just great on their own. Natalie & Jon were amazing, relaxe

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