About Me


Hello, this is me.  Nice to meet you.

I shoot, I edit, I produce.  Just me, for personal event capture.

​From the first time I filmed snippets of a snowboarding holiday, trimmed, cut and edited into some kind of order and produced my first video I was hooked.  That was it, unbeknown to me I was a videographer in the making.


I went on to do a hen do video, more snowboarding holidays, friends in bands and their gigs, exam passing parties and uploaded them all to social media so the videos could be watched and shared by all.  My favourite thing, and what made all the hours of editing worth while, were the reactions; my phone would go mad with notifications of comments and shares.


When two of my best friends were preparing to tie the knot, and asked if I could 'do one of my videos' of their wedding, I was flattered and excited.  This was my first 'job' and when I posted the usb containing their wedding video to them I was painfully nervous.  She rang me a couple days later in tears, they loved it and I felt so proud to evoke that kind of emotion from them.


It's snowballed from there, I've invested in better equipment and now I'm working as a self-employed videographer mainly filming weddings, which I adore.

As far as equipment goes, I have three small handheld cameras, two tripods, one monopod, some spare batteries, audio recording equipment and that is it.  No cranes or crews, I like to keep it simple and just capture whatever happens as naturally as possible.

Please have a look at my collection for examples of my recent work and do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.